Rockstar Experience Timetable

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Our rock star tour bus will collect you from your preferred location to escort you in style to our venue in Camelot Studios.

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Introduction talks & Performance

Our team will perform for your clients and go through the events of the day.  We will also use this as an opportunity to introduce ourselves and talk a little bit on how music has influenced us.


 team building

Our mentors will provide team building activities through music as we  connect the group together.  During this time our teams will decide upon their song and roles during their performance.


Lunch break

 A rock star lunch will be prepared to make sure everyone has the energy to fully engage without feeling hungry.


 Vocal AND RHYTHMIC Techniques

Participants who have decided to sing for their performance will attend a masterclass with a professional vocal teacher who will give an hour technique lesson in breathing, voice projection & singing in key.



Our mentors teach the art of stage presence, confidence & posture. They will also ensure that everyone is feeling prepared for the performance and will assist in any questions or concerns.



Join our rock star band in rehearsal as we give you a taste of what its really like to work in a band. They will go over each groups chosen song while assisting in keeping everyone motivated, excited & supported.



Our dedicated costume and makeup team will make everyone look their very best for their end of day performance.



Our stage is set up and ready for our performers!  Each group will perform their song in front of their peers on a stage with a full band.  Each performance will be video recorded for each participant.  Alcoholic beverages can be provided on request.


Camelot Studios

Providing a magical space where artists can feel truly at home, Camelot Studios brings the
very best of rehearsal space & recording. Each sound proofed room has a unique character
and are all provided with top of the range sound equipment. A large hall is the architectural
highlight of Camelot, large windows and high ceilings allow for a spacious performance
space. A courtyard ties them all together where people can meet and socialise.