How it works

Teams are guided by their mentor through different exercises and games as they prepare for their performance at the end of the day. We can accommodate up to 5 teams containing 6 people each. Each team has to choose who will sing lead vocals, backing vocals and/or use a percussive instrument. Our mentors will perform alongside each group, and can assume lead vocals if no one should want to.

We make sure that everyone feels most comfortable and has a suitable role in the final performance. At the end of the workshop all participants will have learned techniques in performance, singing, and/or rhythm. Every performer will look look like a rock star with our in house costume and makeup team. Our videographer and photographer will cover your experience throughout the day.

Team Rockstar

Team up with your friends and co-workers as you experience what it’s like to be in a band. Be a confident team of workers and unleash your inner power through music performance.   Our dedicated team of mentors will guide you all the way to your final performance in front of your peers.  We split you into groups and give you training techniques in:

Voice Control//Projection

Stage Performance//Posture




Our workshops are available for a full day or half day.

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